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As two important parts of home ownership, heating and cooling can be a major concern for new home buyers, apartment renters and business owners. HVAC, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning, helps control temperature and humidity in a home, and helps maintain the quality of air in the home. With proper maintenance and regular service, HVAC systems can last for many years.

Many makes and models of air conditioners and heating systems exist, including central air, wall units, furnaces and more. Health and Air Quality Keeping your home is not only important for your potential visitors or customers, but vital to the health of your family or employees. As systems age, air can become stale as it re-circulates. Dust, pollen, pet dander and odor, are just a few of the things that HVAC systems kick up again and again.

As a TRANE authorized dealer, we offer a number of air quality solutions, humidifiers, ventilators and more to help improve the indoor air quality of your home or business' energy efficiency and cost savings. With TRANE products and the Energy Star program, you can not only improve your carbon footprint, but improve your energy bill! From minimum industry requirement systems to maximum efficiency installations, your home or office will have a "green" system that pays you back. When should I replace my air conditioning or heating system? When the not-sofriendly seasons hit your home, you want relief - fast. With TRANE innovations and systems, you can have a longlasting system that will meet your needs.

When contemplating a new air conditioner, ask yourself these questions

Is my system more than 10 years old?

If so, it might not be as efficient or "tuned" as a new system. Installing a new system, like an Energy Star appliance, can save up to 20% on cooling costs.

Do I frequently repair my system?

If yes, it might be time to upgrade. As equipment ages, efficiency and functionality decrease. A system maintenance appointment might be needed, or get a free estimate for a new installation.

Is my system noisy?

Noisy systems are a good indicator that it might not be running at peak efficiency. It's possible that a coil or internal component might be broken, so call for service right away!

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